About Charity - Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan Charity Team

Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan Charity Team

Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan Charitable Team works under the Social Committee at the Wilayat Wali head office. The Team got their head start after it got approved to be established in 2015 by the Ministry of Social Development. Since then, the team has completed many charitable events and non-profit programs that has benefitted the surrounding community. The great benefits that the team has achieved are due to the cooperation and hard work between the government, private sector, and individual members of the community.

In kind Donations service

To make The Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan Charitable Team a leader in philanthropic endeavors in the Wilayat of Jaalan Bani Bu Hasan.

Providing financial and emotional support to families in need in the Wilayat, and creating a strong, solid, and productive community.

1. Working to achieve total solidarity between members of the community 2. Providing financial and emotional aid to families in need. 3. Finding sustainable solutions to support the organization’s programs 4. Reviving ‘Al Waqf’ tradition, as well as some religious practices including: ‘Kafara’, “Sadaqa’, and sponsoring orphans. 5. Creating a system that ensures that donations get to the people in need in an organized and simple way. 6. Providing the right environment and circumstances for potential volunteers to help their community. 7. Providing guidance that aims to turn families in need to productive and self-sufficient families.

Relative Initiatives

You can make a big difference in the lives of many people, so that we can all help and be a reason to bring joy to those who are in dire need of help.

kafalat yateem
supporting a distressed family
housing maintenance

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